The Seasons Change, and the Semester Starts

      “Eri, Eri, Wait up!”  Erica turned to look at her friend, Samantha Kudswell, running up to her, just passing the gate to Farrymont High, a small, private high school, nestled in a scenic, wooded area in the scenic city, Farrymont.   “Hey Samantha, have a fun summer?”  Samantha smiled, “It’s always too short, I wish the city wasn’t so big, I barely got to see you over the summer…”  Before she could finish, the five minute bell tolled, signaling for the students to get to where they needed to be.  Samantha and Erica were in the same class again this year, just like they had been for the last three years.  The day passed uneventfully, everyone exchanging pleasantries about their summers, hoping their classes were fun, and getting to know the new kids in their class, and before Erica knew it, the final bell was ringing, and it was time to leave.  “Eri, you wanna hang out, I need to stop by the strip mall on my way back, I could treat you!”  Erica frowned just a little, “Sorry, Samantha, I need to stop by the store to pick up some stuff on the sale, my parents will still be in Europe until next year, so I need to make the limited sale.”  Samantha’s whistle made it clear that she was surprised, “Your parents are still out of town? Must be tough living alone, but at least they send you money I guess, well, I’ll see you tomorrow then, I guess.” 

       Erica hurried along out the front gate, checking her watch, “Good, I still got time to stop by the bakers shop, then the grocery store.”  Walking into the cake shop, she asked the part-timer to get the manager, and waited.  “Oh Erica, here for today’s batch, it’s so nice of you to bring these to those kids everyday, I wish my own daughter would learn a little from you.”  Erica smiled brightly at the manager, she liked the praise, even if it was wholly unnecessary, “It’s ok, my parents are the ones sending me the money anyway.”  Grabbing the bag with the bread, Erica made her way out and down the street to finally get her groceries.  A quick trip into the grocery store yielded less than she had hoped for, since she got there a little late, and it was starting to get dark, “I guess I will have to take the bread to them tomorrow, I need to get home”  Hurrying along in the dark, Erica heard something shuffling behind her, and jumped with a start, but she saw nothing there…”Was it just my imagination?”  As she turned back around, she tried to scream as she saw a tall man cup a napkin or something over her mouth.  She tried to resist, but her eyes got heavier and heavier, and she lost conciousness.

Finally Returning

For anyone who may still follow (or just have forgotten to unfollow) I am finally returning to writing.  Everything has settled down alot, I am going to school fulltime, and it’s good.  I am going to be scrapping the Machine Mind story, as it’s been over a year since I thought of it at all.  My new short story will be a quirky little love story between a girl and her stalker, sounds wholesome, eh?  Look forward to it.