This blog is about my writing.  I have a deep love for writing, and reading.  With reading, it’s as simple as the fact that every book you read can take you to a brand new world, a new life, just for you.  Cliche, I know, but it’s true, it is thrilling to read a new book.  With writing, it’s almost as if you create that world yourself, it becomes dear to you, close, closer than a friend, closer than a sibling.  It is no longer just your world, you created a world for others, dozens, maybe even hundreds.  You connected those people in this world of your own design, and here, they can flourish, they can gaze happily, line after line, page after page, seeing the story unfold in their own imagination, in their own way.  A story written in a single way, a single path, read by a hundred different people, is, in actuality, a hundred different stories, each written in the imaginations of the readers.  A writer who writes such a story is forever in the minds of the readers, in words and deeds.

Undergarden Stories is a sister blog to Under Normalcy, where Undergarden Stories will be about my stories, shorts, and quotes I like, Under Normalcy will house more normal writing, such as reviews, previews, and other things I find interesting that are not within the realm of the creative and non fiction.

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